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Belden Town Resort is located on the Pacific Crest Trail and when hiking North, Belden comes close to marking the halfway point on the trail. We stock our general store to hikers needs and requests offering everything from fuel canisters, post cards, a variety of beverages, toiletries and lightweight snacks including protein bars, trail mix and candy. If you are a hiker and have any suggestions on things you would like to see our store carry, feel free to email us at

Please note that Verizon and Sprint are the only two cellular networks that work here at Belden. We do offer limited free Wifi for hikers in the lodge. The satellite internet does not provide fast enough service to place phone calls, Skype or stream video however these work great with the cellular networks.

We are located approximately a quarter of a mile from the Braaten's Little Haven trail angel.

We also have a full bar and restaurant that offers lunch and dinner. We are sure you'll be hungry when passing by so try our Belden burger designed specifically for the hungry hiker! Shower and laundry is available on site as well.

Please note that we will NOT be accepting hiker packages for our 2021 season. We have been forced to close on so many occasions over the last 12 months, that we cannot guarantee that we will be open when either your package or yourself arrive to Belden. All packages sent to our address WILL be returned during our 2021 season whether your package arrives while we are open or not. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused and we look forward to seeing everyone next season!

ATTN: Hiker's Name
Belden Town Resort
14785 Belden Town Rd.
Belden, CA 95915

Happy trails and we all look forward to seeing you soon here at Belden Town!