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"The end of the leaf peeping season first weekend of Nov., the place was quiet and still had most of the golden autumn foliage left: big leaf maple, black oak, willows, cotton wood, wild grapes, dogwoods, and flaming red Indian rhubarb by the creek. All glistening in the gentle intermittent drizzle. We stayed in Cabin #3 overlooking the swollen North Fork of the Feather River. The small room is quickly warmed by a space heater and the kitchen is fully equipped. Cozy and serene at $82 per night. Karen the owner was most welcoming and because of the off peak season all she needed was my name for booking when I called a couple of days ahead. Check-in was at the resort's spacious and tastefully appointed restaurant, adorned with deer and moose trophies, old pictures, local paintings, wood carvings, and more room for a pool and ping-pong table. All with panoramic view of the trees and river through glass doors. She casually mentioned the chef Kelvin and the waiter Richard and what's available for dinner. We went for a hike on the Indian Creek Trail that is just a stone throw from our cabin, across the red steel bridge and across Hwy 70, next to the Belden Power Station. Soaking in the spectacular view as we climbed and watched the train snaked by in the canyon next to the river, we worked up an appetite. But still had time to take another short hike at the beginning section of the Pacific Crest Trail across the railroad track on the resort side of the river. We had a pleasant meal and a wonderful chat with Richard our waiter on the local lore and fauna, next to a wood burning stove. It's a slow night. We played a couple of games of ping-pong before calling it a night. Don't miss the early sun. Autumn leaves glowed and distance hills dusted with snow overnight. Postcard perfect for another hike along the Yellow Creek, lower and easier along the creek. We could only go part way because the trail was eroded by recent rains. Plenty of time before breakfast at 9:30 for another leisurely hike on the semi-paved Howells Rd going north of the cabin until the road end. Jamie cooked us wonderful omelet, ham, eggs and heavenly country potatoes. She too came by and chatted about the fish, the river, and the people, while she put more wood in the stove. This was a perfect autumnal vacation rival any in the northeast. We will be back every autumn and times in between."
drksg _
United States 04-05-2011
"Looking forward to a stay during Grinduro 2019!"
Bob Stender
Santa Rosa, CA 11-09-2018
"interested in visiting"
Sabra Comer
Sacramento, CA 11-23-2018